A Euro­pean Action for Com­mu­ni­ty Aware­ness

The inter­net has helped to bring peo­ple togeth­er from all over the world, but it has not helped neigh­bor­hoods or com­mu­ni­ties near­ly as well. The Grass­root Wave­lengths project is pilot­ing solu­tions for com­mu­ni­ty infor­ma­tion plat­forms and media plu­ral­ism, work­ing to:

  • low­er the bar­ri­ers to start and sus­tain a com­mu­ni­ty radio sta­tion
  • cre­ate region­al and Euro­pean-wide net­works of sta­tions that can pool com­mu­ni­ty-lev­el resources
  • co-inno­vate col­lab­o­ra­tive media ser­vices
  • increase the per­me­abil­i­ty and impact of those sta­tions through acom­bi­na­tion of exist­ing dig­i­tal and nondig­i­tal tech­nolo­gies

Grass­root Wave­lengths brings togeth­er engi­neers, social sci­en­tists, artists, design­ers, and com­mu­ni­ties to redesign com­mu­ni­ty radio tech­nol­o­gy from scratch.

  • On Octo­ber 11, Uni­ver­si­ty Col­lege Cork (UCC), in con­junc­tion with the West Cork Islands Com­mu­ni­ty Coun­cil, will host a half day think-in event about the future and sus­tain­abil­i­ty of the West Cork Islands and how a com­mu­ni­ty radio plat­form might sup­port this at the local lev­els. Islanders,.…..

  • Uni­ver­si­ty Col­lege Cork (UCC) kick­start­ed the RootIO imple­men­ta­tion by cre­at­ing a radio pro­gram to broad­cast stu­dent expe­ri­ences on the BA Psy­chol­o­gy and Com­put­ing course at UCC. Psy­chol­o­gy and Com­put­ing is a course in its infan­cy (it’s sec­ond year run­ning!). UCC is using this broad­cast to 1) pro­mote.…..

  • Last week, Grass­roots Radio was pre­sent­ed at the 6th Con­fer­ence of the Radio Research Sec­tion of the Euro­pean Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Research and Edu­ca­tion Asso­ci­a­tion (ECREA). Rober­to Cib­in, on behalf of var­i­ous researchers involved in the project, pre­sent­ed a paper titled “Fos­ter­ing Com­mu­ni­ty Radio: the Grass­roots Radio project”.……

  • On Thurs­day 5th and Fri­day 6th of Sep­tem­ber 2019, the Grass­roots Radio con­sor­tium cel­e­brat­ed the third gen­er­al assem­bly of the project, host­ed in the friend­ly build­ing of 11.11.11. – the coali­tion of NGOs, unions, move­ments and var­i­ous sol­i­dar­i­ty groups in Flan­ders (Dutch speak­ing North­ern part.…..

  • Grass­roots Radio coor­di­na­tor Chris Csik­szent­mi­ha­lyi has been invit­ed as spe­cial guest at the Tran­si­to­ry Museum’s Sum­mer week, which takes place between July 25th and August 11th in Trotte Pfyn (Tran­si­torisches Muse­um zu Pfyn). Chris will intro­duce RootIO, the tech­nol­o­gy sup­port­ing Grass­roots Radio, and help the muse­um being.…..

  • Grass­roots Radio part­ner Cere­Proc has launched the world’s first com­mer­cial­ly avail­able Irish lan­guage syn­thet­ic voice as part of the Grass­roots Radio project. CereProc’s Text-to-Speech tech­nol­o­gy will be used by a com­mu­ni­ty radio sta­tion on Bere Island in south-west Cork to gen­er­ate spo­ken con­tent when the sta­tion.…..

  • Uni­ver­si­ty Col­lege Cork and Bere Island Her­itage Cen­tre rep­re­sent­ed the Grass­roots Project at the recent Oral His­to­ry Net­work of Ire­land Con­fer­ence in Lim­er­ick.  The con­fer­ence was about oral his­to­ries in the dig­i­tal age and we pre­sent­ed ideas of col­lect­ing Bere island’s oral his­to­ries via the.…..

  • Last Thurs­day, June 6th, Grass­roots Radio was in Wien at the 9th Inter­na­tion­al Con­fer­ence on Com­mu­ni­ties & Tech­nolo­gies. A paper regard­ing the activ­i­ties the project’s part­ners under­took to obtain the broad­cast­ing license was pre­sent­ed to an audi­ence of researchers, design­ers, edu­ca­tors, indus­try, and stu­dents with a com­mon inter­est.…..

  • Roma­nia: the 30th of May at 12h20 local, it was a small step for radio­pho­ny but a huge step for the Roman­ian com­mu­ni­ty of Sfan­tu Ghe­o­rge. On the 89.9 Mhz FM fre­quen­cy, on air oper­a­tions have offi­cial­ly start­ed. The RootIo tech­nol­o­gy, still in its exper­i­ment­ing phase, react­ed.…..

  • The Glob­al Plat­form for Dis­as­ter Risk Reduc­tion is a bien­ni­al mul­ti-stake­hold­er forum estab­lished by the UN Gen­er­al Assem­bly to review progress, share knowl­edge and dis­cuss the lat­est devel­op­ments and trends in reduc­ing dis­as­ter risk. The sixth ses­sion of the Glob­al Plat­form for Dis­as­ter Risk Reduc­tion (GP2019).…..