A European Action for Com­munity Aware­ness

The inter­net has helped to bring people togeth­er from all over the world, but it has not helped neigh­bor­hoods or com­munit­ies nearly as well. The Grass­root Wavelengths pro­ject is pilot­ing solu­tions for com­munity inform­a­tion plat­forms and media plur­al­ism, work­ing to:

  • lower the bar­ri­ers to start and sus­tain a com­munity radio sta­tion
  • cre­ate region­al and European-wide net­works of sta­tions that can pool com­munity-level resources
  • co-innov­ate col­lab­or­at­ive media ser­vices
  • increase the per­meab­il­ity and impact of those sta­tions through acom­bin­a­tion of exist­ing digit­al and nondi­git­al tech­no­lo­gies

Grass­root Wavelengths brings togeth­er engin­eers, social sci­ent­ists, artists, design­ers, and com­munit­ies to redesign com­munity radio tech­no­logy from scratch.

  • Grass­roots Radio is excited to join the high-level policy work­shop The road ahead for digit­al social innov­a­tion: How can the EU sup­port tech as a force for empower­ment and social impact?, which will take place in Brus­sels on April 26, 2019. The work­shop is organ­ized.…..

  • Grass­roots Radio’s new factsheet is out! This piece of inform­a­tion provides an over­view of RootIO, the free/open tech­no­logy stack facil­it­ated with­in the pro­ject. RootIO com­bines low-power com­munity FM with con­tem­por­ary Inter­net com­mu­nic­a­tion tech­no­lo­gies for a very low cost, thus facil­it­at­ing the oper­a­tion of low power FM radio sta­tions.…..

  • Today we join the Radio world in cel­eb­rat­ing the World Radio Day (WRD), whose theme this year is “Dia­logue, Tol­er­ance and Peace”. We share the mes­sage that the World Asso­ci­ation of Com­munity Radio (AMARC) – part­ner of the Grass­roots Radia pro­ject – has delivered for the occa­sion, reaf­firm­ing.…..

  • We are delighted to see Grass­roots Radio fea­tured on The South­ern Star, a loc­al Irish news­pa­per cov­er­ing the area of Cork. With a brief descrip­tion of the pro­ject, the art­icle focuses on the bene­fits that Grass­roots Radio is bring­ing to the com­munity in Bere Island. Bere.…..

  • A well informed over­view of Grass­roots Radio has been pub­lished on the Hori­zon Magazine, the research and innov­a­tion magazine of the European Uni­on. The press item focuses on the need to bring radio to remote com­munit­ies that the pro­ject aims to tackle. With an FM.…..

  • We are happy to wrap up a pro­duct­ive and lovely gen­er­al assembly of the Grass­roots Radio con­sor­ti­um, which took place last week in the remote scenery of Bere Island (Ire­land). It was a fruit­ful meet­ing, full of excit­ing con­ver­sa­tions, debates, and plan­ning around the dif­fer­ent.…..

  • We are happy to cir­cu­late and sup­port a net­work­ing ses­sion titled “Tech for every­one, by every­one: cit­­izen-centred digit­al innov­a­tion for good”, which will take place in the scope of ICT 2018: Ima­gine Digit­al — Con­nect Europe, a 3-day event focused on sev­er­al Inform­a­tion and Com­mu­nic­a­tion.…..

  • We had very good vibes from our attend­ance at the Web Sum­mit in Lis­bon, and the suc­cess and prom­ising impact of Grass­roots Radio has also been high­lighted in the HORIZON: the EU Research & Innov­a­tion magazine: “Social innov­a­tion pro­jects show­cas­ing their work at the web sum­mit included Grass­roots.…..

  • A gigant­ic, trendy ini­ti­at­ive reunit­ing tech organ­iz­a­tions from all over the world: large and small, estab­lished orgs as well as  start-ups, pro­pri­et­ary tech as well as open tech, products serving indi­vidu­als as well as com­munit­ies. Good for vis­ib­il­ity if you have a booth. Chal­len­ging to.…..

  • Plans are being final­ized to set up the first com­munity radio on a Cork island (Ire­land), and, also for the first time, to live stream the All-Island Foot­ball Cham­pi­on­ships, which will be held there. Com­munity radio will be launched on Bere Island before the end.…..