RootIO about to deploy two sta­tions in Roma­nia

Grass­roots Radio part­ner RootIO is gear­ing up to sup­port the deploy­ment of the two sta­tions in Roma­nia (Var­vorul de Jos and Sf. Ghe­o­rghe) as well as the broad­cast­ing efforts of the Bere Island sta­tion in Ire­land. Here are some updates guys from RootIO have shared.

For the past cou­ple months we’ve been hack­ing up new fea­tures to sup­port our part­ners. Among these some notable capa­bil­i­ties are:

  • Mul­ti­ple audio files uploads (part­ners can now upload audio files direct­ly through the RootIO web inter­face).
  • Log view­er (i.e. this fea­ture this shows exact­ly what con­tent is passed through the RootIO serv­er and enables sta­tion man­agers to close­ly mon­i­tor all con­tent).
  • UI improve­ments to cater to usabil­i­ty and eas­i­er nav­i­ga­tion.
  • + 2  new tele­pho­ny user sce­nar­ios for call in shows.
  • Record­ing all the con­tent that is played via the RootIO sta­tions (this cre­ates an archive that can be con­sult­ed for 30 days after the con­tent is broad­cast­ed).

We’ve been also hold­ing train­ings and demos for our project part­ners and worked on user relat­ed doc­u­men­ta­tion. A com­pre­hen­sive User Guide can be found on our wiki.

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