Hap­py birth­day, Radio Civic!

We are very hap­py and proud to cel­e­brate one year of life of Radio Civic, the com­mu­ni­ty radio born in Roma­nia thanks to the ener­gies gen­er­at­ed by the Grass­roots Radio project.

It’s been a year since the first shows, rhythms, news were broad­cast on the radio:

I’m Mira, from Radio Civic and I’m pre­sent­ing the inter­view with .…”

I’m Jean Trofi­mov, from Civic Radio and I invite you to lis­ten to Local Juke­box … ”

I’m Ralu­ca Lisov, from Radio Civic and I bring you “Vor­ba buona”.…”

I’m Alin Gabriel Varenic, from Radio Civic and I want to tell you the his­to­ry of the Zaporozhi­an Cos­sacks and sto­ries in the Ukrain­ian lan­guage .…

I’m Simona Ana Fortan/​ Clau­dia Titu/​ Cristi­na Aba­ianet, from Radio Civic and I present the news of the day…”

I am Ele­na Cristea, from Radio Civic and I present to you the beau­ty guide”

I am Sine­ta Badea Caza­cu and I am going to tell you the Evening Sto­ry”.

These are the peo­ple, along with the extra­or­di­nary com­mit­ment and care of Adi Voinea, Dan Manea, Liana Ganea, Mircea Toma and Iri­na Zam­fires­cu, who shape the shows of Radio Civic and made pos­si­ble the exis­tence of this com­mu­ni­ty radio sta­tion.

Radio Civic broad­casts audio pro­grams ded­i­cat­ed to audi­ences belong­ing to the rur­al com­mu­ni­ties of Sfan­tu Ghe­o­rghe and Vâr­voru de Jos. In one year these com­mu­ni­ty sta­tions have grown a lot, arrang­ing broad and diverse show sched­ules and imple­ment­ing the cut­ting-edge tech­nolo­gies the Grass­roots Radio is able to offer. And they did not spare them­selves even dur­ing the pan­dem­ic, when they orga­nized a nice set of shows to keep the pop­u­la­tion prop­er­ly informed as well as cheer lis­ten­ers up. With joy, we trans­mit to local res­i­dents, every day, the pulse of the com­mu­ni­ty, the tra­di­tion and his­to­ry of the place, the music with the gold­en voic­es and the unmis­tak­able rhythms, the life sto­ries of the elders of the place and the wish­es of the young peo­ple of the future.

Grass­roots Radio join Radio Civic’s cel­e­bra­tion by lis­ten­ing and singing “Blue Sea, Black Sea” an old tra­di­tion­al song, choral, re-record­ed and re-orches­trat­ed by Jean Trofi­mov. Jean brings to the lis­ten­ers of Radio Civic Sfân­tu Ghe­o­rghe, every day, day by day, for almost a year, the show “Tono­mat local”. But Jean also made his mark in select­ing the music that Radio Civic broad­casts through­out the day. In this inter­view, con­duct­ed by Mircea Toma and Mira Bălan, you will hear Jean talk­ing about Sfân­tu Ghe­o­rghe, about the local peo­ple, about his musi­cal career and about his involve­ment in Radio Civic. And you will lis­ten to his ver­sion of “Blue Sea, Black Sea” (“Mare Nea­gră, Mare Albas­tră”). The sto­ry goes on! Hap­py birth­day Radio Civic!

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