Radio Civic inter­viewed by Radio France Inter­na­tion­al

The jour­nal­ists of Radio France Inter­na­tion­al (RFI) Roma­nia have inter­viewed Radio Civic vol­un­teers in Roma­nia. Simona For­t­an from Radio Civic Var­voru de Jos, Mira Bal­an from Radio Civic Sfan­tu Ghe­o­rghe, and Liana Ganea from the Grass­roots Radio project part­ner Active­Watch have had the chance to speak about their expe­ri­ence and expec­ta­tions in regards to com­mu­ni­ty radio.

For over a year, the locals from Sfân­tu Ghe­o­rghe and Vâr­voru de Jos have had access to the news that inter­ests them direct­ly and can get to know their cul­ture and tra­di­tions bet­ter through inter­views and reports made by vol­un­teers work­ing at the two local sta­tions of Radio Civic”, wrote RFI Roma­nia, intro­duc­ing the inter­view.

Some do neigh­bor­hood radios, oth­ers do com­mu­ni­ty radio and have a super audi­ence and a license from CNA (hard to get). In Roma­nia, there are two of these. Oth­ers like them are in Ire­land and Por­tu­gal. In Vâr­voru de Jos and in Sfân­tu Ghe­o­rghe in the Delta, peo­ple make shows for their peo­ple and they did not get involved in the polit­i­cal cam­paign”, wrote Andreea Piet­rosel (the RFI jour­nal­ist who host­ed the inter­view) on her Face­book page.

The inter­view with RFI is an impor­tant achieve­ment for Radio Civic, which rec­og­nizes the hard vol­un­tary work under­tak­en by local vol­un­teers and project part­ners to keep the radio work­ing with good con­tents and sig­nif­i­cant efforts in terms of tech­ni­cal main­te­nance and admin­is­tra­tive tasks. Well done, Radio Civic, and ad maio­ra!

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