Web Sum­mit — Lis­bon

This year the city of Lis­bon will host the Web Sum­mit, on Novem­ber 5 – 8, 2018. The Web Sum­mit is a tech­no­logy con­fe­ren­ce held annu­ally sin­ce 2009. The topic of the con­fe­ren­ce is cen­te­red on inter­net tech­no­logy and atten­de­es ran­ge from For­tu­ne 500 com­pa­ni­es to smal­ler tech com­pa­ni­es. This con­tains a mix of CEOs and foun­ders of tech start ups together with a ran­ge of peo­ple from across the glo­bal tech­no­logy indus­try, as well as rela­ted indus­tri­es.

This year the event will see the par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on of some CAPS­SI pro­jects sup­por­ted by Euro­pe­an Com­mis­si­on.

See the trai­ler of the event:

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