Grassroots Radio featured on local Irish newspaper

We are delighted to see Grass­roots Radio fea­tured on The South­ern Star, a loc­al Irish news­pa­per cov­er­ing the area of Cork. With a brief descrip­tion of the pro­ject, the art­icle focuses on the bene­fits that Grass­roots Radio is bring­ing to the com­munity in Bere Island. Bere Island Pro­jects Group is indeed one of the pro­ject part­ners, which was recently awar­ded a tem­por­ary broad­cast licence form the Broad­cast­ing Author­ity of Ire­land, which pro­jects officer John Walsh says will allow the com­munity to broad­cast for two hours every Sunday. Accord­ing to Walsh, Grass­roots Radio:

is a great pro­ject for Bere Island to be involved in, and this will bene­fit not just the island com­munity, but the whole of Beara and the Bere Island dia­spora. There’s a huge poten­tial for this pro­ject, not just for Bere Island but for oth­er islands and rur­al com­munit­ies through­out Ire­land.

The pro­ject has indeed fostered sev­er­al activ­it­ies with the island com­munity, includ­ing two days of radio train­ing ses­sions with the Com­munity Radio For­um of Ire­land, which a num­ber of islanders took part in, and they are work­ing on plans to involve the island’s youth with pro­posed pro­gramme con­tent from the Bere Island Nation­al School and trans­ition year stu­dents in Beara Com­munity School.


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