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Set­ting RootIO to broad­cast an assem­bly live 

This tuto­r­i­al helps to cre­ate: a host on RootIO, a pro­gram, and a sched­ule.


Using the phone for the live broad­cast

This tuto­r­i­al shows how to use the phone to broad­cast the face-to-face dia­logues, as well as the calls accepted/​initiated by the host.


Live assem­bly on-air

RootIO offers the pos­si­bil­i­ty to broad­cast an assem­bly live. For this, we have already seen how to set the web inter­face and how to use the mobile phone dur­ing the live. Now, with this tuto­r­i­al, we will describe the main sce­nar­ios of use.


Record­ing the assem­bly and using the audio files

There is also the pos­si­bil­i­ty to record the assem­bly in order to broad­cast it lat­er and to work with the audio files. Let’s see how with this tuto­r­i­al.