Descrip­tion of the sce­nario


Tomor­row at 9am there will be the meet­ing of the Bere Island’s “Tourism Com­mit­tee”.

The Bere Island Com­mu­ni­ty Radio has decid­ed to broad­cast this event and to pro­vide the oppor­tu­ni­ty to more peo­ple to call in and give opin­ions. Let’s see the step to fol­low to set RootIO.



Cre­at­ing a Host on RootIO

If not already present, it is nec­es­sary to cre­ate a host: this is the per­son who will broad­cast the event through his/​her mobile. In order to do that, from your PC go to rootio​.eu and sign in.

Then, click on Man­age Con­tent > Hosts > Add+


At this point, fill the form with your data:


Cre­at­ing a Pro­gram

Now you can cre­ate your pro­gram. Click on “Go to pro­grams” and then on “Add+”.

Now, fill the form.



The Sched­ule

To add your pro­gram on the sched­ule, click on Sched­ule and then on the Sched­ule but­ton relat­ed to your sta­tion.

Drag and drop your pro­gram on the right time and date in the sched­ule.